2016-12-13 20:10:55 by M-ZarkQHeart

my fl studio had broken & now  over 10 projects destroyed !!!!

someone know how to i get a new one? ( i mean FREE )

and by the way, i will send my first song of my rap soon .

WUT to do?!!

2016-11-24 04:00:45 by M-ZarkQHeart

seriously,im admit to doin something in this NEWGROUND. buts what should i do? make a song? do a game? or paint some fart(i mean ART ,sorry XD?)

so could you tell me some thing that im must do for this hollyassday?

HI everyone!!! newbie here

2016-09-24 11:57:47 by M-ZarkQHeart

just wanna say hi